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Taking Sex Out of the Bedroom

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

(Metro) You’ve been having sex in your bed for years. Maybe you’ve been having it what the same person, maybe there’s been a constant stream of new bodies coming in and out of your sheets.But there comes a time when you decide enough is enough.  You’re done with four poster life. It’s time to move out of the bedroom and into other potential domestic spaces. But which are the most popular places outside the bedroom for a bit of rumpy-bumpy?  According to Lovehoney, 92% of couples have tried shower sex And the next most popular sex location is the bath at 89%Next on the list is the sofa and then the kitchen table.  58% of couples say they’ve had sex in their gardens and, bizarrely, 47% say they’ve tried doing it on the stairs.

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