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Big week for 21 current and former Loggers players

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Big week for 21 current and former Loggers players

Mason McCoy was one of 21 current and former Loggers to hear their names called in the 2017 MLB draft. Having been around the teams pretty extensively over the past five years, it’s cool to see these guys have an opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing in the Show.

PLAYER (Round, MLB TEAM)                            COLLEGE                                 YEAR WITH THE LOGGERS

Riley Adams (3rd, Toronto)                                 San Diego                                2015
Nick Raquet (3rd, Washington)                            William & Mary                          2016
Cullen Large (5th, Toronto)                                  William & Mary                          2016
Mason McCoy (6th, Batlimore)                            Iowa                                         2015-16
Brock Lundquist (6th, Toronto)                             Long Beach State                      2015
Logan Harasta (7th, San Francisco)                     Buffalo                                     2017 Signee
Jack Meggs (10th, Oakland)                                Washington                               2015
Sal Biasi (11th, Kansas City)                               Penn State                                2016 Signee
Cason Sherrod (13th, Kansas City)                      Texas A & M                             2016
Kyle Nelson (15th, Cleveland)                              UC-Santa Barbara                      2015
Jeff Bain (16th, Arizona)                                      Cal-Berkeley                              2015 Signee
Orlando Razo (16th, Seattle)                                UC-Davis                                  2017 Signee
Scott Burke (20th, Baltimore)                               UCLA                                        2014
Jonathon Teaney (20th, Cleveland)                      San Diego                                2016
Jordan Pearce (21st, Detroit)                               Nevada                                     2015
Adrian Chacon (23rd, Cincinnati)                          North Carolina/Tampa                2014
Mitch Stalsberg (23rd, Detroit)                             Winona State                            2016
Dave Smith (25th, Washington)                           Long Beach State                      2016
Yahir Gurrola (27th, Philadelphia)             North Florida                             2017
Joe DiBenedetto (29th, Toronto)                          Nova Southeastern                    2016
Graham Spraker (31st, Toronto)                           Quincy                                      2015-16

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