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Would-be-bride keeps $19k ring after pre-wedding break-up

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A (well, former) Candadian couple had an argument over what type of wedding they wanted to have and the spat eventually led to them breaking up and calling off the wedding. The groom wanted a less expensive wedding, whereas the bride wanted a much more lavish affair.

From the CBC:

“Mr. Sherrington testified that the wedding budget was becoming a very contentious issue. He sought to err on the less expensive side while Ms. Arbuckle preferred a more lavish affair. As a result of the disagreement and the strain it was having on their relationship, Mr. Sherrington suggested they postpone the wedding,” said Knudsen.

So let’s get this straight. He wants to keeps costs in check (after buying a $19k ring, jeepers) and she wants to go balls to the wall. He calls it off, and yet she keeps the ring? Interesting.

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