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Friday, June 16th

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

E! News claims Corinne Olympios is having trouble dealing with her Bachelor in Paradise scandal. A source tells the site: “She’s crying every day. Olympios is leaning on her family and friends who have “really been there for her and helping her get through this. Corinne has never been in a state like that. Yes, she’s from Miami and she can party but never like that. It’s really scary.

The Miami Herald claims Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camilla recently celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary in Miami. They got into an Uber car with a driver, who sang to them with his karaoke machine. The driver also had disco lights in his car

Some Golden State Warriors fans trolled LeBron James yesterday at the team’s championship parade. They held cardboard tombstones with LeBron’s name on them. Bron shaved his head yesterday

The NY Post, citing TMZ, claims Venus and Serena Williams’ 75 year-old father Richard is divorcing his 38 year-old wife Lakeisha. He claims she’s been stealing his Social Security checks and forging his name on deed transfers. Lakeisha has also taken their 5 year-old son and has been staying with someone who has criminal felony charges.

Ace Showbiz claims Ben Affleck wants to do a movie with Jennifer Lopez. A source tells the site and Radar Online: “Ben has nothing but praise and admiration for Jennifer as an actress; it still burns him to this day that they got so ridiculed for ‘Gigli’. He wanted to cast her in last year’s ‘Live By Night’ but had to pick Zoe Saldana instead because Jennifer Garner banned the J.Lo idea from the get-go.

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