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Fla. Man Sets Parents’ House on Fire After Seeing Shadow

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Fla. Man Sets Parents' House on Fire After Seeing Shadow


Deltona, FL — A Florida man set his parents’ house on fire because they wouldn’t let him inside, police said. Taylor Neefe, 27, of Deltona, was charged with arson of a dwelling after flames engulfed his parents’ home on Monday night, the The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported. While no one was injured, the family dog did get trapped inside. Firefighters rescued the animal, but paramedics couldn’t save it, according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal.  Neefe told authorities that he burned down the house because he couldn’t get inside. He added that he thought his parents were being murdered after seeing a shadow, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported. SOURCE:  Palm Beasch Post

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