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Calm down with the NBA Draft grades

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Grading drafts immediately after they finish is a very stupid exercise. You can have all the data and information you’d like, but there’s really no way of knowing whether or not a 19-year old kid is going to pan out at the highest level of sports. Hot takes aren’t a good look, and end up looking like this more often than you’d imagine.

That being said, I like what the Bucks and the Timberwolves did last night. I can see a scenario where both DJ Wilson and Sterling Brown are impactful players in Milwaukee, most likely in a complementary bench role, but that’s ok! They also could both easily flop and not give the Bucks the boost they need to get to the next level and start winning playoff series.

Minnesota, on the other hand, killed it. They got a veteran star in Jimmy Butler to run alongside Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns, and still got to take a flyer in the first round on Creighton center Justin Patton. What a great night for the Timberpuppies.

Bucks vs. Timberwolves, 2020 NBA Finals. BOOK IT.

In other news, it was really great news to see Bronson Koenig get a shot with the Bucks’ summer league team, and Matt Thomas get an opportunity with the Toronto Raptors. It’s a bit of a long shot for either to see time in an actual NBA game, but they’re getting a shot and that’s all they can really ask for.


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