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Let’s not lose any fingers this 4th of July

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Let's not lose any fingers this 4th of July

With the Independence Day holiday coming up, it’s tempting to celebrate with fireworks and explosives and things that go oooh and aaah. While fireworks are awesome, a little common sense goes a long way in making sure we don’t lose any digits this 4th of July.

The Seattle Times reports approximately 10,500 people in the US are treated for fireworks-related injuries every year, peaking around the Fourth of July. The study looks at 294 cases between 2005 and 2015 in Washington state.

The patients were 90% male and the average age was 24. Researchers found 39% of injuries in those cases were related to shell-and-mortar-style fireworks. Adults accounted for most (86%) of all shell-and-mortar injuries, while teens were most likely to be hurt by homemade fireworks and children were most likely to be injured by rockets.

More factoids:

People have triggered five out of six wildfires in the US over the last two decades, and one out of every five wildfires that occurs on the Fourth of July from fireworks

In 2013, fireworks caused an estimated 15,600 reported fires in the U.S., including 1,400 structure fires, 200 vehicle fires, and 14,000 outside and other fires.

More than one-quarter (28%) of fires started by fireworks in 2009-2013 were reported on Independence Day. Almost half (47%) of the reported fires on the Fourth of July were started by fireworks.


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