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Your Facebook friends hate your vacation photos

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Your Facebook friends hate your vacation photos

Here’s something (maybe not so) surprising: The majority of your Facebook friends could care less about your vacation photos.

According to a study conducted by Aviva — A U.K.-based insurance company — of 2,000 people polled, an overwhelming majority (73 percent) are annoyed when they see others’ vacation photos on social media.

I’d agree, to an extent. If you’re a close friend, I may peruse your pictures. If I sat next to you in English in college and we’re still connected on Facebook, maybe not.

The company’s poll also revealed some hypocrisy among their participants as 77 percent say they post vacation pictures themselves. Nearly half do it to keep family and friends in the loop while 21 percent admit to doing it to show off where they are.

21 percent? More like 100 percent.

The good news is that most social media platforms have a “mute” or “unfollow” feature where I don’t have to look at your crappy scenery pictures if I don’t want to.

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