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How do you like your meat cooked?

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Over the weekend, I had a cookout at my friend’s cabin in which his uncle cooked up 18 pounds of brisket on the smoker. I helped (very little) in the preparation process, but we started rubbing down the meat on Friday morning for Saturday night’s meal. The brisket sat on the smoker for 12 hours, low and slow, and turned out absolutely fantastically.

The meat was on the rare side of medium, had a distinct smoke ring, and just the right amount of fattiness to make it succulent and delicious. It was the exact way I would order meat at a restaurant – the rare side of medium. I know many people that like it rarer than that, and I certainly don’t mind a pink steak, but I also know¬†plenty of people who like their meat well done.


Courtesy of 538

Courtesy of 538

The graph follows the bell curve that you might expect, but there are way more people that order their steaks more-cooked than less-cooked. The reason you hear about more people talking about how they like their steaks rare is because, probably, their the only people who talk about how they like their steaks cooked. You don’t hear many people shouting from the mountaintops about how they love their shoe-leather ribeye.


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