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Contact Music claims Seth Rogen is embarrassed when his mom tweets. Seth’s mom recently tweeted; “Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!” Seth’s sister tweeted; “Seriously. I actually gagged.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims JLo wants to start a family with Alex Rodriguez even though she is still texting Casper Smart. A source tells the magazine; “JLo can’t wait for them all to be one big, happy family. This is a real dream come true for her.”

Hollywood Life claims Kylie Jenner has a crush on New York Yankees star Aaron Judge. A source tells the site; “Kylie thinks that Aaron is super hot, and doesn’t know what she would do if she was in the same room as him. And with her saying that, her friends think she is 100% on the road to be officially single because, with her mind on other guys she hasn’t even met, it doesn’t bode well for Travis Scott.”

Former “Amazing Spider-Man” star Andrew Garfield tells Out Magazine that he MIGHT be gay. “I am a gay man right now, just without the physical act – that’s all. As far as I know, I am not a gay man. Maybe I’ll have an awakening later in my life, which I’m sure will be wonderful and I’ll get to explore that part of the garden, but right now I’m secluded to my area, which is wonderful, as well.”

Contact Music claims model Ashley Graham is launching a new plus-sized lingerie line called “Purple Rain”. The underwear will be available in sizes X-3X and 36DD to 42G/H. Graham would also love to model underwear for Victoria’s Secret. She tells the site; “Victoria’s Secret, call me. I will walk your runway. I will wear those wings, honey. And I will wear it with confidence! Right, wouldn’t you say yes?”

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