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Who Has More Fun in Bed?

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Who Has More Fun in Bed?

Men have more regular “Oh Boy” moments but women experinece a deeper, more intense climax – so who’s having the most fun in the bedroom?
To answer the question once and for all we conducted a poll asking our readers “who enjoys sex more?”.
More than 1,400 people took part in the study and although it was a relatively close call, men came out victorious.
Just over half (55%) said men have more fun during sex, compared to 45% who said women enjoy themselves more.
This might come as a shock given women’s “Oh God!” Moments last longer – on an average 15-22 seconds compared men’s 5-9.
They are more likely to experience multiple orgasms and have a higher number of erogenous zones.
However, men find it easier to reach orgasm without foreplay and tend to have higher sex drives due to higher testosterone levels.

SOURCE: The Daily Star


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