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Huge ten-day road trip looming for Brewers

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

The Milwaukee Brewers lost on Sunday, but still came away with a series win against the Philadelphia Phillies to start the unofficial “second-half” of the regular season. The Brew Crew are still 10-games over .500 and still lead the NL Central by 4.5 games, but Milwaukee will leave town for a 10-game road trip that, in my opinion, will go a long way to determine where the Brewers will finish in the standings this season.

NL Central
Milwaukee Brewers (52-42) F
Chicago Cubs (46-45) F
St. Louis Cardinals (44-47) F
Pittsburgh Pirates (44-48) F
Cincinnati Reds (39-52) F

Milwaukee will head to Pittsburgh for four games, Philly for three games, Washington D.C. for three games, before returning to Miller Park for a weekend series against the Chicago Cubs. That’s 13 games, which will take the Brewers from the 94-game mark to the 107-game mark of the season. In my opinion, it’s the most important stretch of the season.

The Brewers are playing good baseball in July, having won nine out of 12 games. They’re also playing extremely well on the road, with a .571 winning percentage (24-18). Their record (11-games over .500) and division lead (5.5 games) peaked on Saturday, before the series-ending loss to Philadelphia.

So what will the next two weeks look like for the Brew Crew? Well, hopefully more of the same. The Cubs made their move, acquiring Jose Quintana from the White Sox, and he responded with a great outing against Baltimore over the weekend. Will the Brewers answer? I don’t know. I get the inkling they’ll make some move, but I’m not sure it will be the Sonny Gray or Chris Archer trade that might really swing the pendulum back in Milwaukee’s favor, at least for now.

Over the next 13 games, I’d love if the Brewers could go 8-5. I’m fulling expecting the Cubs to start rattling off wins, like 10-3 or something excellent. That would put the Brewers at 60-47, and still with a division lead heading into August. If they’re still leading the division then (and if the D-Backs and/or Rockies continue to struggle just a bit), it’s then that I’ll finally get my hopes up about the Brewers making the playoffs in 2017.

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