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Three Types of People in this World

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  1. Those Who Can Count
  2. Those Who Can’t

But seriously, after last night’s debut of season 7 of Game of Thrones on HBO, I’ve discovered three pretty distinct camps of people. First off, you have the people that were anxiously anticipating the season premiere  and are all caught up on the series. Second, you have those people that may not have been able to watch or aren’t quite caught up with all six seasons that have already aired. Lastly, you have the people that could not care less about Game of Thrones and are honestly quite sick about hearing of it.

I find myself in camp #2 for what it’s worth, but it appears there were a great deal of people in the first group.

For comparison’s sake, that would make GoT the third-highest rated show of 2017, behind only Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football.

Most-Watch Shows of the 2016-2017 Season
(Numbers are in millions of viewers)
1. Sunday Night Football (NBC) – 19.6
2. Thursday Night Football (NBC) – 16.9
3. NCIS (CBS) – 14.6
4. Thursday Night Football (CBS) – 14.5
5. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) – 14.0
6. The OT (Fox) – 13.6
7. 60 Minutes (CBS) – 11.9
8. Bull (CBS) – 11.4
9. Football Night in America Pt. 3 (NBC) – 10.8
10. The Voice – Monday (NBC) – 10.6

So as far as scripted shows go, yeah, it’s safe to say that Game of Thrones is pretty popular.

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