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Teenager’s Amazing Summer Bucket List Goes Viral

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Teenager's Amazing Summer Bucket List Goes Viral

If you’re still looking for things to do this summer, you need to start by checking out this teen’s summer bucket list that’s gone viral. It’s part nostalgic, a tiny bit cringe-y, and all-around incredible. According to the original poster who shared the list on Twitter, this time capsule of teenagedom was found in an Urban Outfitters dressing room. Apologies to the original list maker, whose lost list has found its way into hearts across the internet. Your sacrifice to the cause of bringing us all back to what summers were like as a teen has not gone unnoticed.

The list entitled “Summer Bucket List 2017” has a total of 41 items on it, a handful of which are already checked off. To-dos range from “get a pedicure” to “go to the beach” to “[hook up] with Jason (again).” That last one had already been completed as denoted by the checkmark next to it. Also, if you don’t relate on an emotional level to that parenthetical “again,” did you even go to high school?

Some other iconic items on the list include, “buy seven bikinis” and “eight hoe pics for Instagram.” The specificity in numbers is killing me. The list also has more practical items to check off like “decorate room,” “do summer reading,” and “fix home screen.” But you gotta balance work and play as evidenced by item number seventeen which reads, “get drunk all the time” and is marked off as completed.

SOURCE:  Bustle

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