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Humans Are Hardwired to Lean Right When Kissing

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Humans Are Hardwired to Lean Right When Kissing

So does this make me a Conservative Kisser?”

Researchers at the University of Bath and in Bangladesh report in the journal Scientific Reports that more than two-thirds of so-called kiss “initiators” and kiss “recipients” in their study leaned their heads to the right, with a person’s handedness predicting which way the initiator went. That didn’t hold for the recipients, however, who preferred to match the direction of the head leaning toward them and avoid what was described as discomfort when heads were mirrored. notes that men initiate kisses 15 times more frequently than women, and that this tendency to lean to the right could have wider implications for cognitive science and neuroscience.  Ya know..I’m just happy to be kissing somebody

SOURCE:  The Guardian

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