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O.J. Simpson Claimed He’s Lived a ‘Conflict-Free Life’ at His Parole Hearing

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O.J. Simpson Claimed He's Lived a 'Conflict-Free Life' at His Parole Hearing

Convicted?  No, never convicted.. In 2008, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to 33 years in prison for charges of robbery and kidnapping after he and two associates went to steal back some of his sports memorabilia from men in Las Vegas. On Thursday, Simpson came up for parole after serving nine years in prison in Lovelock, Nevada and was granted his release at the age of 70.

The parole board noted Simpson’s good behavior and lack of prior convictions — which, of course, includes his acquittal from his famed double-murder case from 2004 — as reasons for giving him consideration for release. The biggest question asked of Simpson was about what happened on the day he went to retrieve the memorabilia and what happened to lead to those he was taking his property back from to claim they were afraid for their lives.

The entire thing was surreal, but Simpson’s claim that he’s never been accused of pulling a weapon on anybody, in an effort to convince the board that he wasn’t a threat outside prison, was especially eye-raising.


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