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The Biggest First Date Dealbreakers, Revealed

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 The Biggest First Date Dealbreakers, Revealed

We have frigging nothiong in common!! 

A new survey by dating site PlentyOfFish asked 2,000 singles their thoughts on everything from small talk to emoji usage — you guessed it —their first date dealbreakers. While there were some obvious dating don’ts (like being rude), the most surprising thing was what didn’t make the list: talking politics. Only five percent of those surveyed said they hate when people talk about politics on a date. To be fair, it’s been kind of hard to avoid talking about politics in any situation since Trump’s election, so maybe we’re all feeling a little more open to the idea of a first date political debate these days.

If you’re curious about what singles say not to do on a date, here are the top five dating dealbreakers to avoid. Betcha anything “Man Bun” was #6

SOURCE:  Bustle

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