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The World’s Horniest, Loudest, and Most Sex-Loving Countries

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The World's Horniest, Loudest, and Most Sex-Loving Countries

In honor of National Orgasm Day-Which was July 31st-, LELO conducted a massive global survey with over 2,200 respondents from 21 different countries, in order to find out which countries have the most, best, and loudest orgasms.

First off, the horniest country in the world was found to be Norway, with 35 percent of Norwegians saying they have sex at least once a day.

And clearly, Scandinavia in general knows what’s up, because 41 percent of Swedes reported having orgasms two to three times per week. Not as often as Norwegians, but still pretty remarkable. Maybe there’s something about cold weather that turns people on…?

Next up, the survey found that the most intense orgasms happen in Chile, Italy, and Spain, with 10 to 13 percent of respondents from those countries rating the power of their orgasms within the highest percentile. Well done, guys.

Speaking of intensity, 28 percent of Americans rated their orgasm intensity 7 out of 10, which isn’t bad. That’s the high side of mediocre, but I’m sure we can do better.

Brazilians turned out to be the loudest in bed, with 65 percent claiming to be very, very vocal, followed by Norwegians (Again!) with 39.9 percent saying they’re screamers, and in third, Croatians, with 34.78 percent.

SOURCE:  Maxim

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