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Folks Reveal What They Wish Would Make A Comeback

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Folks Reveal What They Wish Would Make A Comeback


A Reddit user recently posed the question, “What’s something that should make a comeback?” It sparked an onslaught of suggestions like toys, clothes and and more that people wish they could once again enjoy. And in some cases it wasn’t exactly “things” people were getting nostalgic for.

Responses included:

Free toys in cereal boxes. None of this ‘send in proof of purchase and $5 for this 50¢ light up spoon’ bs”


Common courtesy”


Hats and suits for men. Fedoras used to be a classy staple; now the accessory is worn exclusively by cringy highschoolers.”

Goth chicks. It’s rare spotting one in the wild these days.”

Stockings and garters. There are few things more sexy on a woman.”


The walkman! Perfect for the hippie!”

After school cartoons”



SOURCE:  Daily Mail

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