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22% of Men Lie About How Many Women They’ve Slept With

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 22% of Men Lie About How Many Women They've Slept With

“How many women have you slept with?”

It’s probably a question that makes you cringe—and one many guys have a hard time answering, according to a recent (unscientific) survey of 1,000 Europeans and Americans from Superdrug Online Doctor, an online pharmacy in the U.K.

While a majority of guys said they had no trouble being honest, 22 percent of American men with an average of 16 partners reported that they would lie and undersell the amount of women they’ve slept with if they were forced to reveal their sex number.

But more than 30 percent of both men and women stated they don’t share their sexual history with their partners because they don’t think it matters. So, how do you approach this awkward conversation? Should you change the subject? Lie? Pretend you didn’t hear her and carry on with dinner?

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