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The 48 Songs Most Frequently Banned at Weddings

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The 48 Songs Most Frequently Banned at Weddings

With the wedding season well underway, FiveThirtyEights’ Walt Hickey decided to put together an interesting list.  No, it’s not about where couples prefer to go on their honeymoon.  Nor is this the list of the most requested wedding songs.  Instead, Hickey posted the list of the top songs most couples prohibit on the happiest day of their lives.

For this list, Hickey surveyed 182 wedding playlists submitted between May 31st and June 10th.  He collected the testimonies of over two dozen professional wedding DJs on nearly 200 weddings.

Analyzing the most-banned songs playlist, you’ll find that married couples oftentimes hate upbeat dance tracks.  They also tend to put the kibosh on dances and disco songs.  But what songs are getting nixed?


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