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Saudi Teen Arrested After Doing the Macarena

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Saudi Teen Arrested After Doing the Macarena

SAUDI ARABIA – Doing the “Macarena” in traffic is a no-no in Saudi Arabia. That’s what one hip-swirling teen learned after being caught on a video since gone viral, jamming to the hit tune from the mid-’90s.

Saudi police said they arrested the 14-year-old on Tuesday for “improper public behavior” after he busted a few moves to the Spanish song in the middle of a Jeddah intersection, Reuters reports. In the 45-second clip, the Ricky Martin wannabe, wearing headphones, Nike shorts, and Crocs, performs for several lanes of cars stopped at a light. The clip first appeared online in 2016 but was later removed, the Middle East Eye notes, via the New York Post. It reappeared last week, apparently attracting the eye of authorities.

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