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Your Va-Jay-Jay Can Become ‘Depressed’ Without Plenty of Sex

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Your Va-Jay-Jay Can Become 'Depressed' Without Plenty of Sex

Very recently, we told you that most dudes underestimate how much and how often women want the D, which means a lot of ladies out there aren’t getting it on as much as they’d like, which is sad. I sincerely hope you’re working on correcting that.

But did you know that women don’t just want more sex, they need it? Literally? Like, their lady bits actually need sex in order to stay happy and healthy?

Yup, as if vaginas weren’t already complicated enough, we now know that if a honey pot doesn’t receive any love for a long time, a.k.a. if a dry spell lasts a little too long, it can literally get “depressed” and give up on its womanly duties.

In other words, if a woman neglects to use her hoo-ha for pleasure as God intended, it can get super sad and basically waste away, kind of like Tinkerbell. If you don’t pay enough attention to her, she’ll die. Just like a vagina.

SOURCE:  Maxim

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