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WHIPs Are the New Cougars

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WHIPs Are the New Cougars

From Mrs. Robinson to “Stifler’s Mom,” Demi Moore to Brigitte Macron, sexy women of a certain age—particularly those in relationships with younger men—have long been slapped with vulgar labels like “MILF” and “cougar.”That is, until now. Today on the British daytime show This Morning, writer Bibi Lynch proffered a positive new suggestion: WHIP, or “women who are hot, intelligent, and in their prime.”

Perhaps it’s thanks to the conservative-dreaded “PC culture,” but degrading sexually desirable and self-possessed women who happen to be dating younger men is officially passé, or as Lynch decried it, rather “creepy.” “With ‘cougar,’ the men are prey,” Lynch, who is 51 and single, said. “WHIPs felt funnier, smarter, and sexier.”

SOURCE:  Vogue

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