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Half of All Men Don’t Know Where the Vagina Is Located

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Half of All Men Don't Know Where the Vagina Is Located

Hello, gentlemen. I need you to pay real close attention right now, because we’re going to talk about something very important and very dear to all of us: vaginas.

You love them. I love them. Everyone loves them. Those glorious banana baskets are literally the secret to humanity.

But according to a new survey, it would appear as though half of you dudes out there wouldn’t be able to correctly identify a vagina even if it came up and slapped you in the face. You simply don’t know where it is.

The survey, conducted by the website The Eve Appeal, in honor of Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, asked 1,000 men to identify the vagina on a diagram of the female reproductive system, and of those men, only 500 correctly labeled it.

That’s half. Only half of men know where the vagina is.

SOURCE:  Maxim

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