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Thief Burst into McDonald’s Brandishing Knife in One Hand and Penis in Other

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Thief Burst into McDonald's Brandishing Knife in One Hand and Penis in Other

UK — A crazed thief burst into a branch of McDonald’s brandishing a knife in one hand and his penis in the other. Edward James Wright was arrested by police after the bizarre incident at 6.30am on August 28.  McDonald’s staff were forced to hurriedly lock the doors after the 28-year-old smashed the front door of the restaurant, he then assaulted the manager as he came to work.

A court heard he had already tried to rob a man at knife point in a nearby garage forecourt during the early morning of that day.

He appeared at Truro Crown Court and pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, possessing a knife, assault, criminal damage and exposure.

Prosecutor Jason Beal said staff at the petrol station on Penwinnick Road in St Austell were first alerted when they were approached by a woman who had been crying. She was followed by Wright who was acting in a menacing and abusive manner.

He said Wright pulled a knife from his coat pocket and the staff retreated, locking themselves in the garage shop, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Mr Beal said a customer then walked across the forecourt and was approached by Wright who demanded he hand over his wallet, mobile phone and car keys. The customer ran away to the nearby McDonald’s and told staff to lock the doors.

“The defendant approached and began banging his knife against the window,” Mr Beal added. “He appeared to damage his knife and, in response to that, the defendant then took his penis out of his trousers and began waving that around to the people who were inside.”


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