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Penis Critique Is a Lucrative Job Now

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Penis Critique Is a Lucrative Job Now

The key to starting up your own successful small business is to identify a service that isn’t being offered, and then offer it. For example, maybe there’s a shortage of French restaurants in your hometown, or there’s no 24-hour gym. Or maybe guys just keep sending you pictures of their penises while asking you to critique them.

That latter was the subject of a Mel Magazine article in which a pair of women who offer penis assessments for money gave their insight into their undoubtedly specialized and unique line of work.

One of those women, Eevie Bellini says that she offers up three-paragraph long appraisals for $20. For an extra $10, she’ll provide a “custom-made nude video reaction to your picture.”  Think of her as a pioneer. Bellini offers this transaction in one of the few places you can probably market it, through Reddit’s r/sexsells, where she continues to rack up money to pay off her student loans.

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