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1 in 4 Men Would Consider Having Sex With a Robot

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1 in 4 Men Would Consider Having Sex With a Robot

Anthropomorphic, hyper-sexualized robots are no longer just the stuff of science-fiction fantasies. In fact, mechanical lovers are becoming increasingly realistic and technologically advanced, so much so that Dr. Ian Pearson, a futurist known for his 85% accuracy record, guesses that, by 2050, sex with robots will be more common than human love-making.

According to new data from YouGov Omnibus, 49% of Americans agree with Dr. Pearson that having sex with robots will become common practice sometime within the next 50 years. However, not everyone is prepared for this shift. For example, just 9% of women would consider getting frisky with a robot. However, men are much more open to the idea – one in four men (24%) would at least think about taking an automaton lover.


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