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Experts Think They’ve Found the Tomb of the Real Santa Claus

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Experts Think They've Found the Tomb of the Real Santa Claus

Yes, Virginia, there was a Santa Claus — but now he’s dead.

The tomb belonging to dear old St. Nick may have just been discovered under an ancient church in southern Turkey, archeologists said Wednesday.

The previously unknown tomb was detected via electronic surveys that showed gaps beneath the 1,500-year-old St. Nicholas Church in the Antalya Province town of Demre.

“We believe this shrine has not been damaged at all, but it is quite difficult to get to it as there are mosaics on the floor,” Cemil Karabayram, head of Antalya’s Monument Authority, told the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News, according to the Telegraph.

St. Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He is revered for his acts of generosity to children and those in need.

He became popular in 16th-century Europe as Father Christmas. The Dutch modeled their Sinterklaas figure, the patron saint of children, after St. Nicholas — and he later became known as Santa Claus in American tradition, thanks in part to an iconic 1930s Coca-Cola ad campaign.


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