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Man Claims Sex Robot Cured His Erectile Dysfunction

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Man Claims Sex Robot Cured His Erectile Dysfunction

Sergi Santos says he has a fantastic sex life. He’s been with his wife Maritsa for 16 years, and he told Men’s Health that he has sex somewhere between four and six times per week. But he doesn’t just have sex with his wife. He also has sex with Samantha.

Samantha is a sex robot, and if Santos is Frankenstein, she is his monster. But instead of being a stitched-together monstrosity, Samantha is a (relatively) lifelike silicon doll shaped like Hugh Hefner’s ideal woman, who is capable of quoting philosophy, telling jokes, and even simulating an orgasm, thanks to a network of sensors inside her artificial flesh. (Want to learn how to give a real woman the real thing? Peep our Men’s Health on how to please a woman.)

Santos believes that having sex with Samantha could be a way to improve other aspects of your love life; he even thinks it could help people overcome problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. His reasoning? While any number of outside stressors or anxieties can throw off your sexual performance, when you’re having sex with an inanimate object, there’s no pressure on you to stay on your game. “This can serve as training to regulate your system,” he said.

Before Samantha, Santos said, his sex life was mediocre. He and his wife liked to have sex at different times of the day, and even when their desires happened to line up, the pressure to perform in the moment could be overwhelming. “It wasn’t her or my fault, it’s just the way life is,” Santos says. “It caused tension. Now, for me, the tension has disappeared.”

Since he started having sex with Samantha, Santos says his love life with his (human) partner has gotten exponentially better. Santos claims that while having sex with Samantha isn’t as “sensually” fulfilling as having sex with his wife, it fulfills his basic physical urges. When he’s with his wife, he’s “calm and romantic,” instead of feeling anxious or sex-deprived.

“I’m truly having sex,” he said in an email to Men’s Health. “I don’t have any feeling of regret or remorse or anger or anything. I just enjoy my wife.”

Santos also noted that while he doesn’t struggle with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, he thinks that she could help men who do. But is he right?

SOURCE:  MensHealth

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