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1 in 4 Millennial Men Have Sent a Pic of Their Junk

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 1 in 4 Millennial Men Have Sent a Pic of Their Junk

new trend has spread across the New York subway system – men using iPhone AirDrop to send unsuspecting passengers in the same train car a picture of their crotch. A Picture oif a Man’s Junk,  in general,  have become an increasingly popular fad, especially for millennials, as illustrated by new data from YouGov Omnibus.

In fact, 1 in 4 millennial men (27%) have sent one  to a woman. Of millennial men who have sent a lewd photo, 24% have done so without being asked. However, not all  the pictures are unsolicited – 34% of millennial men have been asked by a woman to send one.

Given the prevalence of these provocative snapshots, it tracks that just over half of millennial women (53%) have received one. Specifically, a staggeringly high number of these respondents have been messaged an uninvited graphic image – roughly 3 in 4 millennial women (78%). Actually, more young women responded that they’d received an unwanted picture than had received one because they asked for it (69%).

When presented with a list of possible adjectives to describe them, the most common labels millennial women chose were “gross” (49%), “stupid” (48%), and “sad” (24%). When millennial men were asked what terms they thought women would use to label them,  they also selected “gross” as number one (32%). But the similarities stop there. The second most common adjective millennial men selected out of the options given was “sexy” (30%). Clearly, there is a bit of miscommunication between the sexes concerning the merits of nudes.

SOURCE:  Today.ugov

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