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Danny Trevathan and Davante Adams Are ‘Cool’ After Vicious Hit

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Danny Trevathan and Davante Adams Are 'Cool' After Vicious Hit

Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan says Packers receiver Davante Adams has assured him there are no hard feelings after a hit that left Trevathan suspended and Adams in the hospital.

Trevathan, who is back with the Bears after his one-game suspension, said he reached out to Adams and that Adams told him he understood it wasn’t intentional.

‘‘I told him I hope he’s good,’’ Trevathan said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘Hope you know I wasn’t trying to harm him. I was just trying to make a play. He was real cool. He plays football. He plays it hard, and he plays it good. Obviously, he played last week. He did good. He handled it well. We were good.’’

Trevathan doesn’t seem to think he needs to change the way he plays.

‘‘I just gotta be more careful with situations like that,’’ Trevathan said. ‘‘But I can’t let that slow me down. I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I’ll be more careful with the rules that are in place. But I’m just trying to make a play and hustling to the ball.’’

Although the hit looked ugly, Adams was OK and back on the field on Sunday. And now Trevathan will be back this Sunday.

SOURCE:  profootballtalk.nbcsports

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