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Man Used Ax During Robbery; Wore Pokemon Backpack

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1
Man Used Ax During Robbery; Wore Pokemon Backpack

ATLANTA, GA — A man is behind bars after he pulled out an ax in a Buckhead Target and then used it to rob the store, according to police.

Atlanta Police said the employees were fearful as soon as the man pulled the sharp blade, but investigators said the crook made a critical mistake during his getaway that landed him in police custody.

Woods then ran out the store. The 911 alert went out to Zone 2 officers. By then, Woods had changed his shirt.

“But he didn’t change his backpack. So, I think that’s what got him,” said Officer Bender. “The man took off running when he saw police. And he did have a Pokémon backpack, so those are normally a bright color and typically easy to spot.”

Woods allegedly showed his weapon to one of his officers, but apparently figured that wasn’t such a good idea. Close by on Sidney Marcus, Atlanta Police said he tossed the backpack into the street. It was too late to make the getaway. By then several officers surrounded him and took him into custody.


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