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Your Zodiac Sign and Your Sex Life

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If you believe in this sort of thing, astrology can give you clues into who you are and what makes you tick. If you don’t…then it’s just amusing crap to read about yourself from time-to-time (and maybe impress your lady). Now meet astrologer Aliza Kelly Faragher – here’s what she says she knows about your sexy times:

Aries – Into “impulsive and rapid bursts of passion” that leave both in awe.

Taurus – Extremely “sensual” and sex is a full-body/all-sensory experience.

Gemini – Digs dirty-talk and switching around positions.

Cancer – Needs to be totally “comfortable” before giving in completely and fully.

Leo – Loves the art of seduction, and needs to feel “desired.”

Virgo – Like a “horny teenager” perpetually “fixated on sex.”

Libra – Flirtatious and elegant, but prefer to keep things in the bedroom.

Scorpio – These are the ones that are going to be into a dom/sub relationship.

Sagittarius – Carefree towards sex and intimacy, and into the raw power of it all.

Capricorn – Kinky, and would be the ones most-likely to get into role play.

Aquarius – Scriptless rule-breakers who have no problem trying out a toy or four.

Pisces – Sex is a spiritual act, a psychic experience, and a trip through subconscious.

Of course, at some point these could all apply to every single one of us. It just depends on what stage of life we’re in, and how fresh the relationship is at the time. That being said, it’s still fun to dive in to these things and say “yup…that’s me” on occasion…or get an additional clue on something you can do to rock your girlfriend’s world.

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