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Halloween Costume Still Got You Stumped? Google’s Got You Covered

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Halloween Costume Still Got You Stumped? Google's Got You Covered

While actual Halloween is 5 days away, Halloween party time is only two to three days away. So for the costume-less among us, it’s crunch time, baby. But don’t worry, this year Google is here for you in a major way with Frightgeist. Not only is it an incredible play on words, it’s also a new site to help you with all your costume needs.

In typical data driven fashion, Frightgeist is a collection of the most searched costume related terms, broken down by location, so you can see what the most popular costume is nationally (Wonder Woman) and locally (if you’re in, say, Cheyenne, Wyoming that costume would be a Horse). So if you’re a procrastinator who also values individuality, you can narrow your results to your zip code to make sure no one else has your costume.

SOURCE:  ApartmentTherapy

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