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Aaron Rodgers Has 13 Screws in His Collarbone

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 Aaron Rodgers Has 13 Screws in His Collarbone

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers likely won’t be playing football any time soon, flowery reports of a possible return in December notwithstanding.

Rodgers tells Conan O’Brien of TBS that Rodgers had 13 screws inserted into his collarbone.

The screws go along with a plate that holds the collarbone together. The fact that the plate is big enough to require that many screws means that the break was bad enough to require a fairly large plate.

In some cases, the hardware is eventually removed. Whether Rodgers keeps the plate and screws or later has them taken out, this one seems like a more serious fracture than other collarbone injuries endured by other quarterbacks in recent years. And with Rodgers suffering the fracture in the clavicle that abuts his throwing arm, questions surely will linger regarding when he’ll return to full strength.

With a team that may not be built to stay in contention in his absence and a contract that no longer reflects anything close to his true market value, there’s little incentive for Rodgers to risk a premature return.

SOURCE:  ProFootballTalk.NBCSports

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