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People Love Watching ‘Scary’ Porn Around Halloween

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People Love Watching 'Scary' Porn Around Halloween

You know how stores like Target and Walmart get decked out in Halloween decor the very second September turns into October?

Well, just as seasonal décor changes in stores and homes across America, so do searches for porn.

According to PornHub’s statisticians, searches for Halloween-themed porn slowly begin to rise on October 27th and 28th, and then completely skyrocket on the 31st, a.k.a. Halloween itself.

Well, what can I say? I guess we all love spooky scary pornos!

Apparently, in 2016, searches containing the word “costume” increased 189 percent, and searches with the word “scary” went up 217 percent.

However, the most significant increase was among the searches that contained the word “Halloween,” which increased by a massive 1,173 percent, and remained the top search term throughout the first week of November.

SOURCE:  Maxim

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