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13 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes That Are So Darn Relatable

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13 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes That Are So Darn Relatable

As far as American holidays are concerned, Thanksgiving is a bit on the eccentric side. Seriously: have you ever tried to explain the holiday to someone who grew up in another country? The idea of celebrating an entire holiday by focusing almost exclusively on food does sound a bit bonkers. As these funny Thanksgiving quotes illustrate, there is a lot of room for humor on turkey day. It helps to have some giggles with your gobbles.

Fielding difficult conversations around the dinner table, cooking and serving a literal feast, and of course preparing to spend an entire day eating all make Thanksgiving a source of potential stress. With an average household spending $342 on Thanksgiving preparations, it can be an expensive endeavor as well, according to Statistic Brain. When the pressure builds, it only makes sense to take a step back and laugh at the whole situation. An entire holiday centered around a baked bird is pretty weird, right?

From the food to the sports to the Presidential pardoning of the turkeys, Thanksgiving is a holiday that kind of begs for some humor. Thankfully, plenty of sitcoms, comedians, and even political figures get it and have no problem poking fun at the holiday. Read on to enjoy some of the most humorous quotes about Thanksgiving.

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