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Is It OK to Ask Your Significant Other to Lose Weight?

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Is It OK to Ask Your Significant Other to Lose Weight?

In late October, an online conversation started over a post on the Humans of New York page. The guy writing the post asked if there was a “right way” to ask someone to shed some poundage. Two weeks later…more than 9,000 people have weighed-in on the issue…so to speak.

As you’d expect, the comments ranged from “break up with her now” to “if you’re asking for health-reasons, then it’s okay.”

The final word probably should go to psychotherapist Paul Hokemeyer. He says that typically, guys who make weight demands on their partners are suffering from insecurity issues of their own. These people need to “prove to the world” that they’re “special,” and have “narcissistic personalities” that need validation from the outside world. So, in other words – if someone’s in a relationship where they feel the need to make demands on their partner’s appearance…they’d be better served looking at their own messed-up butt first.

SOURCE:  MensHealth

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