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Grading All 32 NFL Teams Halfway Through the Season

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Grading All 32 NFL Teams Halfway Through the Season

SOURCE:  LarryBrownSports

We are halfway through the NFL season — 24 of the 32 teams have played exactly 8 of their 16 regular season games — and a clear picture is forming regarding who’s good enough to make noise in the playoffs and who should start looking ahead to April’s NFL Draft.

Some teams are vastly outperforming expectations, while others are leaving a lot to be desired. Some can dream of a Super Bowl appearance, while others who had big ambitions this season are already starting to piece together what went wrong.

With that in mind, we’ve graded all 32 NFL teams at what is the midway point of the season for most. Preseason expectations and quality of play and opponents have been taken into account here, as some teams have had a tougher curve than others.

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