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The Odd Things We Do When We Sleepwalk

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The Odd Things We Do When We Sleepwalk

Ever seen Will Ferrell’s “Step Brothers?” Remember the sleepwalking scene with John C. Reilly? Total classic. If you’ve ever been around someone who sleepwalks, then you know that they can say and do some really odd stuff. A recent thread on Reddit asked people to share their most bizarre stories. Obviously, those who posted had to believe what was said about them, but there’s got to be some kernel of truth to it, right?

Put all the furniture on the bed because I was convinced the room was flooding, and slept on my mirror.

Cleaned, sorted, and rearranged my best friend’s fridge so I could fit her dog’s 25-pound bag of food inside.

My girlfriend ate a large block of sharp cheddar stark naked.

Stuffed and cooked a turkey, and woke up sitting at the table when it was almost done cooking. When my roommate woke up, it was 3am, and I was basting it.

My ex found me eating a stick of butter like a candy bar. Turns out I’d done it before, and it explained my sudden weight gain. I’d also done it with handfuls of jam, mayo right out of the jar, and even used vegetable oil from the recycling can.

Within a couple nights of my first doses of Ambien, my wife found me dancing my brains out in bed and in the living room to no music. It was all innocent fun until she found me cooking bacon on the stove using only tinfoil.

This stuff kind of makes those sleepless nights seem a bit more tolerable.

SOURCE:  Redit

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