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American Foods Foreigners Think are Weird

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American Foods Foreigners Think are Weird

When foreigners come to visit America they experience some foods that just seem bizarre to them

Foods they don’t understand include biscuits and gravy, chicken and waffles and grits

Also odd to them is peanut butter and jelly in one jar, Miracle Whip and american cheese and Velveeta

Anyone who’s traveled internationally has probably come across some food that’s native to the place they’re visiting that they just find odd. Whether it’s vegemite in Australia or haggis in Scotland, a lot of people just can’t wrap their head around why anyone would think that’s tasty.

Well, as you can imagine, folks who visit America have the same reaction to some of our foods, and while we may think they are the most delicious delicacies ever created, it may take foreigners some time to get up the courage to try it.

So what American delicacies baffle our foreign visitors the most? Well, some of them include:

Biscuits and Gravy – As delicious as they are, this southern delicacy seems weird to foreigners, especially ones from the UK, because over there biscuits are cookies so the thought of putting savory gravy on top of them is just difficult to understand.

Chicken and Waffles – The concept of mixing sweet and savory on the whole is hard for foreigners to understand, so some don’t get why we’d pour sweet syrup over fried chicken and then combine it with a breakfast staple.

Grits – Buttery corn mush just seems odd to some folks who didn’t grow up with it, especially because the texture is just hard to get past.

Peanut Butter & Jelly in the same jar – While this may seem economical, and just makes sense to the rest of us, for folks visiting from other countries it seems strange, especially since separately you’d store them differently so it seems like they’d need a lot of preservatives in order to keep them in the same jar.

Gator Sausage – Alligator meat on its own is uncommon for most people, but then grinding it all together and adding preservatives may be taking things a step too far.

Miracle Whip – While you may think it’s as good as mayonnaise, Miracle Whip really isn’t, and a lot of folks outside the U.S. just can’t handle that.

Velveeta and American Cheese – It’s no secret that foreigners are pretty particular about their cheese, and since these two options aren’t really cheese, it’s a no go for many travelers from other countries. Basically most say they taste like plastic. As a person from Iceland notes, “In the U.S. ‘cheese’ is basically just understood as a way to get fat.”

Root Beer – This soda is one most visitors just can’t get behind. One foreigner described it as tasting “like those cheap hard and dry gums that included stickers,” while some claim it tastes like mouthwash.



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