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How to Keep your Thanksgiving Turkey from Giving you the Trots

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How to Keep your Thanksgiving Turkey from Giving you the Trots

In the food-obsessed world we live in there are those who can kick it in a kitchen…and those that can’t. If you’re talented, you can impress at Thanksgiving time. But then there’s the rest of us, whose “skill” begins and ends with phoning in a pick-up order to Boston Market, and hoping for the best.

Determined to buckle up and give it a whirl? Well, let us share a few pointers so that while you may not stuff out, you can still significantly lower the chances of you and your guests from getting wickedly ill.

The Myth Of Rinsing – This does nothing but spread contaminated water around. Over 70% of Thanksgiving cooks say they rinse the turkey as part of their prep. The only way to kill that bacteria you fear so much is to cook it to death.

The Eye Test – Sure, you may think you have the golden eye, and can tell when the turkey’s done by the golden-brown skin. Your eyes aren’t nearly as effective as an actual meat thermometer. The magic number is 165, kids.

The Stuffing Matters – That temperature we mentioned above goes for the stuffing inside, as well. If the stuffing is undercooked, then the undercooked turkey juice that’s soaked in it is undercooked, too.

There’s A Time-Limit On Leftovers – Some people think Thanksgiving means you have leftovers for a week. That’s a recipe for something bad. The self-life for turkey’s 3-4 days. No more. Anything past that, and you’re risking after-meal festivities courtesy of Charmin.

With all these in mind, there’s still a good shot that something’ll get screwed up. It’s just good to get the obvious stuff out of the equation.

Source: Men’s Health


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