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9 Frozen Thanksgiving Turkey TV Dinners, Ranked

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9 Frozen Thanksgiving Turkey TV Dinners, Ranked


Whether you’re entertaining a one-person crowd on Thanksgiving, the Bumpus hounds ruined your prized fowl a la “A Christmas Story,”, or you just want your turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy fix in the middle of summer and you can’t justify roasting a whole 15-pound bird, frozen turkey dinners might be the answer for you.

But take a walk down the frozen food aisle at your neighborhood supermarket and you’ll be overwhelmed with options.

The choices for poultry are definitely not paltry.

I sifted through the goopy gravy and endured watery mashed potatoes and bland frozen vegetables to find the turkey dinners worthy of your valuable grocery money and stomach space. Are any a substitute for a full Thanksgiving dinner? No, but some are actually pretty darn good.

Notes: All the dinners were prepared in the microwave according to the directions printed on each package, because who seriously wants to wait 45+ minutes for a frozen dinner to cook in the oven. The prices listed are regular retail prices; some of the dinners were on sale at the time of purchase. All dinners were purchased at Price Chopper on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse or Wegmans on West Genesee Street in Camillus.

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