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Million dollar parking structure for the cops

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Million dollar parking structure for the cops

I think that the cops have a crappy job a job I wouldn’t want to do, I respect them and think highly of them, I do however question the need for a 1 million dollar secure parking structure for the police department at city hall.  A million dollars to park?  No, no, no, can I say no enough?  The claim is the need for new parking because of the redevelopment of the county administrative center now the Hub on Sixth housing for Western Tech.  They say the reason for needing the new secure parking is because “Right now basically anyone and everyone drives through the back parking lots” here is an idea, put up gate or how about ticketing people when they drive back there if they shouldn’t be there.  It would save us as tax payers some money, and may in fact make the city some money if they start collecting on the tickets.  The claim is also that it would clear up parking for the rest of city hall.  I have been to city hall a bunch of times and there hasn’t been a time that I haven’t been able to park, and if there was you could park in one of the cities other parking lots.

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