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Sick of the school shootings.

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Sick of the school shootings.

When I got home from my mini vacation I asked, of course, asked my kids how things went and the typical teenager slash parent talk, then I asked the kids about fear.  I asked if they were afraid at school because of the school shooting last week.  The answer was no, but that some kids were afraid at school.  I couldn’t imagine waking up getting ready for school then going to school and instead of being there to learn, having the fear of who is going to cause the next violent outbreak.  The latest school shooting left 10 dead and 13 injured.  And for what?  I heard a report this morning on way to work that the shooter didn’t shoot people he liked and wanted to injure some and not kill them so that way his story could be told.  In my opinion, if you want your story told, do good.  Make a splash with positive not negative and for crying out loud, quit hurting people around you.

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