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Not going to get rich with the $100 child rebate.

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Not going to get rich with the $100 child rebate.

I am certainly not going to get rich with the $100 per child tax credit that the state of Wisconsin is offering. Governor Scott Walker is sending the supposed surplus back to the taxpayers of Wisconsin. I wonder if it could be better used to perhaps fix the potholes in the state, maybe work on safety in the schools, how about a couple of free days in the state parks or Mississippi River clean-up. There are a lot of great things that the state could improve upon with a pile of cash. While I am not opposed to collecting $100 per child under 18, A hundred bucks isn’t going to make or break anyone. A hundred bucks will pay for a family to go out for dinner at a nice with maybe a movie rental afterward, a couple pairs of shoes for your child, maybe a couple of new outfits for school, or a cheap bike. Don’t get me wrong I already filled out my paperwork for ours, and I encourage you to do the same, but do you really think that $100 will make or break a family?

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