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Bob Schmidt | Weekdays 10a-2p on Classic Rock 100.1

About Bob Schmidt

Award-winning radio personality Bob Schmidt is a radio veteran who has spent the past three decades of his life communicating with listeners. Bob entered the field, as many of his contemporaries did, as a disc jockey, spinning vinyl singles and albums. In the years since, radio station recording media evolved, shifting to digital forms, first on CDs and now playback from computer hard drives. While Bob still enjoys playing classic rock, his interest in a wide variety of subjects prompted him to gravitate to talk radio.  Not only is Bob on Classic Rock in the mid-days but also does morning Talk Radio on Today’s Talk 1490.

“My listeners know that when they tune in, they always have a chance to eavesdrop on great conversations,” Bob chuckles. But listeners don’t have to be passive. He always encourages listener participation.

On the air as well as away from the microphone, Bob has a fun demeanor that listeners find calming and relaxing. “Although I have opinions, I am anything but close-minded. I am always willing to consider new ideas, because that’s how we learn. I’ve had conversations with a president, numerous senators, several governors, lots of rock stars, and many other celebrities,” Bob said.

Since 2000 he has been the owner-operator of the online business directory. Bob also designs websites for clients, he is a talented voiceover actor and narrator, and he produces custom podcasts. He additionally is available to devise social media strategies for individual clients.

Bob, who grew up in the Twin Cities, has lived since 1992 in the La Crosse area, where he and his wife raised their four kids. His personal interests include poker and BS’ing with his buddies, gardening, and he enjoys the outdoors surrounding his cabin retreat.