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Texting and Driving
Sept. 17, 2014 2:39 pm

Texting and driving is scary. I hate driving next to people when I see them buried in their phone. It's literally an accident waiting to happen.

Thankfully, police technology is catching up.


A Virginia company is developing a radar gunlike device that would help police catch drivers as they text.

The technology works by detecting the telltale radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is using a cellphone, said Malcolm McIntyre of ComSonics. Cable repairmen use similar means to find where a cable is damaged - from a rodent, for instance - by looking for frequencies leaking in a transmission, McIntyre said.

A text message, phone call and data transfer emit different frequencies that can be distinguished by the device ComSonics is working on, according to McIntyre. That would prove particularly useful for law enforcement in states such as Virginia, where texting behind the wheel is banned but talking on the phone is legal for adult drivers.

Stanton Selfie
Sept. 16, 2014 1:31 pm

Remember when Mike Fiers hit Giancarlo Stanton in the face with a 88 mph fastball?

Well, at least Stanton is smiling about it now.

Embedded image permalink

Glad to see he's begun the healing process.

As for the Brewers, they've got a HUGE series with the Cardinals tonight, leading up to quite possibly a bigger series with the Pirates this weekend. C'mon Crew.

Fish surgery
Sept. 15, 2014 2:14 pm

I don't want to knock the relationships that people have with their pets, because I know how important those animals can be in their lives.

Having said that...this is a bit extreme.

Via the Melbourne (Australia) Herald-Sun: 

A MELBOURNE vet has performed a delicate surgery on a 10-year-old goldfish, slicing open the beloved pet to remove a growth that was half the size of its head. It's likely George the goldfish has already forgotten the ordeal, but not his relieved owners, Lyn Orton and Pip Joyce, who say they wouldn't hesitate to pay the hundreds of dollars again to save a pet's life.The couple paid about $200 for the 45-minute surgery at Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne last week.

George the 10-year-old goldfish undergoes surgery to have a tumour removed from his head

Surgery costs $200. How much does a new goldfish cost?

Just saying.

Pocket golf
Sept. 12, 2014 1:55 pm

Ever seen anything like this?

He's arguably the best player in the world right now, but in golf, well, $#!+  happens.

13 years later
Sept. 11, 2014 10:50 am

As you might have noticed, today is September the 11th.

I, like everyone else, remembers exactly where I was that day, what I was doing, so on and so forth.

But does that really matter? Sure, it helps us to contextualize our lives a bit and may make us feel nostalgic to whatever was going on in our lives 13 years ago, but how has your life changed since?

It struck me this morning, as people kept mentioning that 9/11/2001 was 13 years ago, that 13 years is half of 26, as in my age. That morning quite literally bisected my life at a crucially important stage in my upbringing.

At 13, I still had a bedtime. Now, I have an IRA.

I absolutely loved what Allison Geyer wrote in the La Crosse Tribune this morning, and every word resonated with how I was feeling.

She hits the nail on the head here.

The years dragged on and the world grew darker, more fearful. Hate crimes against Muslims, Sikhs and anyone with brown skin proliferated. As we entered high school, the U.S. invaded Iraq, looking for weapons of mass destruction and a connection to al-Qaida - and found neither.

As we became adults, we grappled with the conundrum of supporting our country while embroiled in a war we didn?t understand and maybe didn?t support. Pundits argued. Political divides deepened. Our leaders told us to "stay the course." Meanwhile, kids my age got blown apart by roadside bombs.

What's that thing people say about 9/11? Never forget?

Well, there?s no chance of that. Especially to a generation that?s never known any different.

I'll never forget because I can't. It's all I know. My parents remember a world before 9/11. For all intents and purposes, I don't. I'm going on vacation next week, and I've never been on an airplane without having to take my shoes off first, and probably will never board one without doing so.

Sure, we remember today, and rightfully so. But in all honesty, for people my age, we're always remembering because it's all we know. 

High Stakes Madden
Sept. 10, 2014 2:32 pm

This is fantastic. It's a college president trying to beat students at their own game. And the thing is, I bet he's pretty good.

What's an average semester of books cost...$800? Give or take. That's some high stakes video gaming.

Tip Shaming
Sept. 9, 2014 1:11 pm

I was at a restaurant last night, and I ended up with an entree that I didn't really like. I was a little upset, not because the food was prepared poorly (it wasn't), but because I took a chance on something on the menu and it didn't appeal to my taste buds the way I'd hoped.

Oh well, such is life. One thing I wanted to be cognizant of was not to tip poorly just because I didn't like my food. It wasn't my server's fault (she did a wonderful job) so I didn't want her to suffer because of it.

I'm not trying to take the high-and-mighty approach to tipping here, but it's an interesting subject matter. A tip is just that, going about and beyond. Is it expected? To a certain extent, yes, but it's not 100% automatic. Which is why I don't really have a problem with what LeSean McCoy did here.

Sure, he was millions of dollars, but he also has principles too, right?

And for the PYT restaurant in Philly to try to "tip shame" McCoy on social media is wrong, and I'm glad it backfired in their face.

Read more of the great details here:

LeSean McCoy

Week 1 NFL
Sept. 8, 2014 9:48 am

These are the two greatest things to come out of the first weekend of NFL games, and I refuse to hear any arguments to the contrary.

Yeah it was a penalty, and I don't think he tried to do it, but it was awesome.

And the second?

Not only does he bring in a box of Frosted Flakes to snack on, he has a somewhat-matching T-shirt to boot.


One oh Five
Sept. 5, 2014 12:45 pm

I thought I was all fancy when I bought a 50" TV the other week in time for football season.

This puts my TV to shame.

Samsung Bendable TV

The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's big? So is the price tag.

Per Mashable: A Samsung representative said the prototype is still a few years away from making a debut, but could cost as much as 200,000 euros (or $260,000). It's uncertain, of course, if that will be the official price tag. Considering Samsung's 85-inch non-bendable version sells for $120,000, we wouldn't be surprised if this one indeed nears the $250,000 mark.

Aug. 29, 2014 1:37 pm

Are guys supposed to know how to iron? I don't mean for that to sound sexist, but where do I go to learn? Sure, my mother taught me when I was a freshman in high school, pressing a shirt for homecoming, but since then, I've just been winging it.

I had to iron a dress shirt and a pair of pants for my brother's wedding this weekend and I really had no idea what I was doing. I basically tried to find a wrinkled area, lay it flat, and hammer it with the hot iron. I don't think I ruined the shirt, but I definitely didn't do a professional job.

I opted to really slack off and not do the sleeves or the back of the pants because, come on, out of sight, out of mind, right? I'll have a suit coat on and then when I inevitably take it off, I'll be rolling up the sleeves.

These are my thoughts. I didn't burn myself either, so that's a plus.

LFL Brawl
Aug. 28, 2014 2:33 pm


You might have to wait a week for the "real" thing, but until then, here's a brawl from the Lingerie Football League to help whet your appetite for pigskin.

WARNING: There is some cursing in this video. Those bitches be swearing.

Aug. 26, 2014 2:27 pm

America has the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Japan has, well, this.

According to the Herald Sun

A group of Japanese porn actresses are preparing to have their breasts squeezed by fans for 24 hours this weekend for a charity event loosely translated as "Boob Aid".

The nine adult movie stars told local media on Monday they could barely contain their excitement about the "Stop! AIDS" campaign event ? which will be televised live ? but asked, perhaps somewhat optimistically: please be gentle.

Apparently this has been going on since 2003. And SHOCKER - it's successful.

From Uproxx (with pictures!): 

For a minimum donation of 1,000 Yen (about $10) visitors to the company's Shinjuku studio in Tokyo met face-to-face with and got to grab the exposed chests of five anchors of the channel's naked news programme. The event - the eighth annual '24-Hour TV: Eroticism Saves the Earth Telefon' - began on Saturday morning and raises around two million Yen (just shy of $20k) every year by offering direct interaction between its leading ladies and he public.

As long as it raises money for a good cause, I guess I'm in favor?

Olivia and Aaron, sitting in a tree
Aug. 25, 2014 2:40 pm

If Aaron Rodgers is happy, then I'm happy. And what about this doesn't make you happy?


On the right is Aaron's girlfriend, the lovely and talented Ms. Olivia Munn.

Green and gold suits you quite well, ma'am.

The Simpsons
Aug. 21, 2014 10:35 am

Cable TV is about to get a little yellow for the next few weeks, thanks to everyone's favorite Springfield residents.

Per the Washington Post:

When FXX starts airing every single episode in a row beginning Thursday morning, it will shatter the record for the longest-running marathon in TV history.

The animated classic kicks off with the pilot from December 1989 at 10 a.m. The marathon continues through all 552 episodes, going all the way up to the 25th season finale that aired this past spring, and ends Sept. 1 at 11:30 p.m. Wedged between all the episodes is "The Simpsons" movie, which will be shown at 6 p.m. Aug. 29.

After the marathon is all said an done, there's going to be a website where all 552 episodes will be able to be streamed for free, online. Which is neat.

This is a clip from one of my favorite episodes. Obviously it fits in with classic rock. 

Foo Fighters
Aug. 20, 2014 2:10 pm

Dave Grohl is the man. Here's the Foo Fighters' take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

C'mon NIU
Aug. 20, 2014 11:09 am

College is idealistically about learning and knowledge and all that hippie mumbo jumbo, so what Northern Illinois University is doing is wrong.

According to Betabeat:
Northern Illinois University enacted an Acceptable Use Policy that goes further than banning torrents, also denying students access to social media sites and other content the university considers "unethical" or "obscene".

So, you're in college, and you can't connect with people on Facebook while using the WiFi in the dorms. You also can't do anything "political" on the internet, limiting a group of very impressionable young voters. 

But WORST OF ALL, is that NIU is apparently banning Wikipedia as well. Which is a shame, because Wikipedia is amazing in every possible way.

I'd like to think no students is dumb enough to actual quote an editable article like Wikipedia, but any college kid worth a damn knows how to work the sources at the bottom of a Wiki page to get what they need. College would have sucked for me without Wikipedia.

Boo you, NIU. Boooooooooo.

Yelling at TV
Aug. 19, 2014 1:45 pm

I got into a conversation today with an old friend about yelling at televisions, and it got very interesting.

Let me explain.

He's in my fantasy football league, and named his team "Bush Push", which was a a direct knock at me, a big Notre Dame fan, but also clever because he has Reggie Bush on his team.

(If you want to read more on that whole incident:

That strikes a chord with me because that was probably up there with the times I've yelled at the TV in terms of duration and decibel level.


Other games that come to mind:

When Ryan Braun did this:

And especially when Ryan Braun did this:

And when Aaron Rodgers did this:

Number one is for a play I was furious at, while 2-3-4 are all plays that brought out a jubilant nature.

His counter was that his roommate in college was from Boston, and he had to watch the World Series with him. Which would have been cool. But I think I still win.

Aug. 18, 2014 2:05 pm

I know that you probably don't care about my golf game, but I'm going to write about it anyways.

Saturday was my first day off in months. Nowhere to drive to, no baseball games, no weddings. So a buddy and I played 18 holes of golf Saturday morning and it was fantastic. Here's why.

First off, I had been struggling with my driver for quite some time, to a point where I didn't even hit it the last nine holes I played. I hit 5-wood off the first two tees and then my buddy gave me one little tip after imploring that I hit my driver off the next tee.

Sure enough, something clicked and I started booming the ball off the tee. And it's funny what that bit of confidence can do to your golf game. I started chipping better and putting better, and when it was all said and done, I had the best score of my life.

I mark down on the scorecard what I get for each hole but I restrain myself from tallying up my score until the very end. Bad luck or something, because I was stoked to find out I shot an 86. Probably not as good as your best round, but it was literally seven shots better than my previous best of 93.

So there. I'm bragging, but I don't care. And I'll probably shoot 100 next time out. Oh well.

Aug. 14, 2014 3:02 pm

As someone who not only holds a degree in English, but also as someone who works with words every day, I hate this news story that comes every year.

That story? The words that are added to the Oxford Dictionary. This year's group is especially bad.

Here's the list, via Quartz

hot mess
hot diggity
cord cutter

Aug. 13, 2014 11:50 am

I went to go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Marcus Cinemas last night and I came away not hating it, which is better than I thought going in. I was a huge fan of the TMNT franchise as a kid and so I figured, why not give it a whirl? I also don't really like Megan Fox, so for her to be in the lead was another hurdle that I had to get over, but all in all, the movie was pretty good.

You can't go in with extremely high expectations, but if you're able to kick back and enjoy a wholly unrealistic tale about vigilante adolescent turtles, well then, it's pretty good. It's very Michael Bay-esque (EXPLOSIONS!!!) but there aren't many glaring plot holes that stick out like a sore thumb. The Turtles aren't too strange looking and there are enough decent action scenes and comic one-liners to make it worth it.

It's not going to win any awards, but it's satisfying from a nostalgic action movie experience. And I'd recommend seeing it in theaters, if you can, rather than waiting for Redbox.

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