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Jan. 20, 2017 7:05 am

(HuffingtonPost) Now You Can Smell The Porn-Virtual Reality Is Going To Get Even More Real

(Bustle) Here?s Why You Wake Up In the Middle Of Your Night-If you wake up in the middle of the night, you?re ruining the benefits. So what is making you wake up? Here are some of the top things that contribute to our busted sleep cycle. It won?t take much to make the needed changes so your ?zzz?s? go undisturbed.

(Mirror) Woman Claims She's Allergic To WiFi, Now Lives In A Shed-For most us, finding WiFi is a godsend. For Rachel Hinks, it's a nightmare. The British woman claims she suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity...or, a WiFi allergy.

( Charity Asks For Donations Of High Heels And Chainsaws To Stop

( Young lovers 'possessed by DEMONS' scream and writhe in pain as family drag them to church for exorcism

Jan. 19, 2017 7:11 am

(TMZ) Washington, D.C. Cops Are Prepping For Mass Inaugural Arrests-Washington, D.C. police are taking the political climate into consideration as they gear up for Inauguration Day.

This Guy Just Threw 110-Miles-Per-Hour-The 33rd pick in the 2014 Major League Baseball draft was a kid by the name of Michael Kopech. Michael?s a pitcher who was nabbed by the Chicago White Sox. A video has just shown up on Twitter of this guy throwing some serious heat. We?re talking 110 miles-per-hour.

(Maxim) Tickets now on sale for the floating orgy-If your dream vacation consists of you and your significant other getting together with other significant others on the high seas, we may have found your next getaway: the Desire Cruise 2018.

(Seeker) Enjoy your Duckweed Smoothie- What is duckweed? It?s a small, flowering plant that sort of has a resemblance to peas in the protein department. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Picture: Jodi Jacobson

Flight attendant recalls having to stop man from watching adult entertainment mid-flight

Jan. 18, 2017 7:28 am

(UPI) Get Ready For Shower Beer- A Swedish brewery is releasing a beer designed for drinking in the shower that also leaves your hair manageable.

(RawStory) Scalpers Losing Money On Trump Inauguration Tickets-The Presidential Inauguration is on Friday, and one group of people who seem none-too-excited about it are the scalpers. Apparently, the buyer?s market isn?t what it should be. One entrepreneur bought a pair of the tickets for $700 thinking he could double his money. Not so much.

(Gizmodo) Man Loses Seven Teeth In E-Cigarette Explosion-Idaho?s Andrew Hall recently found himself on the wrong end of an exploding E-Cigarette. He was vaping away in this bathroom, when ?Bam!!?
Restaurant Let?s You Fire Guns While Waiting For Your Food-There?s a restaurant in Arizona called Modern Round ? and they offer something really special...and certainly different. Instead of live music or on-the-table trivia games, these guys give a more interactive experience. While you wait for your food, you can fire guns.

(NYPost) Seattle has a secret mermaid society-

Jan. 17, 2017 7:02 am

Your Cold May Be A Sinus Infection-It can sometimes be difficult to know whether you're battling a cold virus or a bacterial sinus infection.Doctor Michael Benninger with the Cleveland Clinic says a sinus infection usually begins with a cold but will take a while to develop. A cold will cause the mucous membranes in the sinuses to swell and block the tiny openings into the sinuses, which interferes with their ability to drain. The trapped mucus allows bacteria to breed, causing pain and pressure in the head and face.

(Maxim) What Women Want You To Say In Bed-You?re less-likely to say something stupid when you know what to say

( Florida man get Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl 51 tattoo on his arm; now needs tattoo removal advice. On Sunday, Jonathan Felix showed off a tattoo that predicted the Dallas Cowboys would win the 51st Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the prediction proved incorrect thanks to the Green Bay Packers...

(PennLive) Couple Busted For Sex In Car?With Kids In The Backseat -And the Child Guardians of The Year Award goes to: Torry L. Rudisill and Taylor L. Skursky of Sykesville, Maryland.

(DailyMail) Conspiracy Theorists Claim That Elvis Visited Graceland On 82nd Birthday-Pics have been floating around of a man with a white beard visiting Graceland on what would?ve been The King?s 82nd birthday. The man in the picture is wearing a black hat and sunglasses,

Jan. 16, 2017 7:05 am

(CBSNews) A Record Number Of Firearms Were Found In Carry-On Luggage-A record number 3,391 firearms were found in baggage going through airport checkpoints in 2016. Of those, a whopping 83% were loaded.

(NYPost) Inauguration Port-A-Potties Have An Unfortunate Name-A Virginia company called Don's Johns supplied portable toilets for the incoming President's inauguration ceremonies on January 20th. However, employees soon realized that the company's name was being covered by blue masking tape.

(SBNation) Michael Bennett Should Have Re-Thought His Post-Game Rant After Loss-In every game, there?s a player or team that wins, and there?s a player or team that loses. The key is to win and lose with as much grace and dignity as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that, and, on occasion, that leads to someone saying or doing something colossally stupid.

 (Picture: SWNS)
( Gang of fat squirrels terrorize children at park and steal their food. A group of obese rodents surrounded three-year-old Finley Renouf, at Tehidy Country Park, in Cornwall, and then pounced on him.

Showing Off For Friends, Man Sets Armpit Hair On Fire- Armed with a lighter and a can of deodorant?the regret was almost instantaneous.

Jan. 13, 2017 7:07 am

(TMZ) First Dog Bites A White House Visitor-For the first time in her life, First Dog Sunny bit someone. The Portuguese Water Dog bit a family friend in the face Monday during a visit to the White House. The wound bled and needed stitches.
(Photo: Jack Daniels/World of Coffee)

(Maxim) Jack Daniel?s And Coffee Is Now A Thing-Until now, starting your day with a little Jack Daniels could be a move that some would view as ?unproductive.? Fortunately for you, there?s been a change in that environment, and your morning routine can be the direct beneficiary.

(BroBible) Chargers New Logo Is Already A Problem-Did you see the new Chargers? logo ?celebrating? their impending move to Los Angeles? Probably for the best, because it looks to have been pulled quickly after relentless mocking from the Internet.

(BostonGlobe) Woman lived with sister?s body in kitchen for more than year

( Mum snaps Bigfoot figure in Irish forest but others say it could be ghost of passenger killed in plane crash

Jan. 12, 2017 8:55 am

Today is "Kiss a Ginger" day. 

ESPN claims the San Diego Chargers are set to announce their move to Los Angeles today

(MensHealth) Sex Therapist Resolutions For You, For The New Year-Don?t blow these off like you already did the weight loss thing.
Sex Party House Known As The ?Sausage Castle? Burns Down

(UberGizmo) What To Do If The Facebook App Is Draining Your Phone-The fix is relatively simple for this annoying problem

Man Dies Trying To Win Pickled-Egg-Eating Bet-David ?Greengrass? Mitchell took that bet to his death. He accepted 5 bet that he couldn?t eat four pickled eggs in less than one minute - $6 was on the line. ?Greengrass? found that those eggs hardened in his mouth like cement, and he began to suffocate. A witness said that Mitchell was still chewing on the eggs when he was asked if he wanted to spit them out. He said ?no??and then he collapsed onto the bar.

Jan. 11, 2017 7:07 am

(Forbes) President-Elect Trump Will Have His First News Conference Today-The Trump transition team says the news conference will be at 11a.m Eastern at Trump Tower in New York. The next president is expected to be asked about his plans for Obamacare, the senate confirmation hearings for his cabinet nominees, and the CNN report that Russia had damaging information against him

( Retro-Booze That You Should Get Acquainted With-Boost your beverage knowledge with these classics

(Independent) For The First Time Ever ? Video Of Consensual Sex Between Different Species-Inter-species love-making is not a new thing. In fact, scientists have taken note of Antarctic fur seals trying to get it on with king penguins. Sometimes, they even succeeded. However, something new has just hit the Internet and it?s sure to rock the inter-species boning world.
(Gizmodo) Brilliant scientists are compiling a database of farting animals-Scientists are embarking on the noblest of data-gathering missions, delivering us laypeople the animal information we all sorely wanted but were too timid to ask about.

( Monopoly Is Letting Us Vote For New Board Pieces-Fans now have to chance to vote to replace iconic play pieces like the top hat, Scottie dog and battleship with more contemporary tokens such as a computer, hashtag or emoji. They can also vote to keep the traditional pieces or mix it up by choosing items like a T-Rex, beach ball or cowboy boot.

Woman Wears Chewbacca Mask In Labor

Jan. 10, 2017 7:18 am

(ChicagoTribune) POTUS Preps For Addressing The Nation Tonight- Barack Obama heads home to Chicago to bid the nation farewell

(EveningStandard) Drinks With Friends May Be Good For Your Health

(EverydayHealth) The Meaning Behind Your Sex Dreams-They can be great, but you might not want to look any deeper

(MensHealth) Too Much Pot Can Give You The Barfs-There?s some pot info out there that you might find fascinating.

Fortune Teller Uses Asparagus to Predict Future

Jan. 9, 2017 7:04 am

(TheHill) Senate Expects A Blizzard Of Confirmation Battles-Senate confirmation hearings begin this week for President-electDonald Trump's cabinet nominees.

( Cold weather is good for you -There's plenty to love about cold weather,-really

Sagittarius A* (Image: NASA/CXC/Univ. of Wisconsin/Y.Bai, et a

(Gizmodo) Our Galaxy?s Black Hole Could Be Emitting Space Farts-research shows that rather than letting the star die and cold and lonely star death, the black hole does something else with the remains. It expunges 95-percent of the gassy remnants into a cloud larger than Neptune that travels at 20 million miles per hour. It?s the equivalent of a giant space fart

(DailyMail) Mother-of-three waved a giant inflatable penis at her neighbor as she yelled 'take a good f-ing look at this'

(ViralVideoUK) Some Dude Wearing Lingerie Goes Crotch-First Into Florescent Lights-We?re not sure the outfit really added to his experiences, but it does ours.

Jan. 6, 2017 7:43 am

(Maxim)The Most Searched For Porn In 2016-We?re not sure if you?re aware of this, but porn is a big deal on the Internet. So much so that on PornHub alone 91-billion, 980-million, 220-thousand clips were viewed in 2016. However, we sincerely doubt that all of them were watched in their entirety. That website boasted over 23-million visitors through the year

(nypost) Uber is making booty calls easier than ever.  When Allison, a freelance producer, told potential love interests she lived in Jersey City, NJ, she might as well have said she lived on Mars. No one was happy, she says, about a late-night trip back into the city opn a train...Her dating life improved, however, thanks to Uber.

(Metro) A great-grandmother has been accidentally praying to a figure of Elrond, an elf from The Lord of the Rings, after mistaking it for a figurine of Saint Anthony, every day for years.

(WTOP) Man Robs Pizza Joint Wearing Nothing But A Mask-Jonathan K. Newman broke into the shop through a roof vent, but ripped his pants off in the process. So he did what any self-respecting thief would do: he took off his shirt to cover his face...but left his dangly bits free to the wind.

(Photo-Leon County Jail) 
( Man Burns His Undies In Starbucks- Apparently, Randall Sullivan decided that he needed to use the bathroom of the over-priced coffee house, when the employees noticed an odd smell. No?not THAT odd smell.

Jan. 5, 2017 7:19 am

(CNN) Adolph Hitler?s Book Is A Best Seller -"Mein Kampf" is a bestseller in Germany.More than 85-thousand copies have sold since its release last January. It's the first reprint of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler's anti-Semitic manifesto since World War Two.

(BroBible) Uh Oh?Gonorrhea Might Become Incurable-Wrap that sucker tight before it gets tainted

(NBCNewYork) A New York man bought almost a thousand copies of newspapers from his local newsstand in an attempt to hide his DWI arrest

(Yahoo! Sports) Good Lord: The First Baby Born In Chicago This Year Is Named Wrigley-You didn?t think Cubs-mania was ending at 2016, did you? Their baby was the first one delivered in the city of Chicago in 2017. And we?re not shocked that there?s a picture of the couple grinning from ear-to-ear holding their new bundle of joy, and the proud papa is there wearing is 2016 World Champs Cubs t-shirt.

Jan. 4, 2017 7:53 am

( Be A Better Lay In 2017-If your resolution for 2017 is better sex, then be happy for Dr. Justin Lehmiller. He has put out his six ways to enhance your sex life for the New Year.

(MassLive) No, You Can?t Sell Baggies On Craigslist With Free Weed In Them-Several Craigslist ads in Massachusetts say they're selling empty plastic bags with "free" marijuana.

(NYDailyNews) Man cuffed for shooting donkey dead while arguing with girlfriend

(OddityCentral) Japanese Man Lives With Wife He Hasn?t Talked To In 20 Years-Okou Katayama hasn?t spoken to his wife in 20 years. And they?re still married. Yup - under the same roof with their three kids?they just haven?t spoken.

(SmokingGun) Man Belly-Flops Onto A Police Car. Happy New Year! Wisconsin?s own Cody James Romano had an interesting way to ring in 2017. For reasons known only to his drunk ass, he decided that it would be a good idea to get a running start, and belly flop onto the hood and windshield of a car.

Jan. 3, 2017 7:18 am

(AsianAge) ?Afterplay? ? Possibly The Most Important Part Of Sex-Who knew gettin? busy was so damn complicated? Afterplay is that whole cuddling, kissing, and affection thing that you?re supposed to do before you take your post-coital nappy.

(FOX4kc) When You Fire A Gun, Those Bullets Actually Go Somewhere-Here?s a pro tip for you boneheads who think firing your guns in the air to celebrate is good idea: those bullets end up going somewhere.

(DailyMail) Some Think The McVatican Is A Disgrace-It?s a McDonald?s location that?s about 100-yards from the Vatican State. There are those in the area that are far from ?lovin? it.? The controversy is arising from the fact that the Vatican is taking in the equivalent of over $26,000 a month in rent from the restaurant. Others are simply complaining that they don?t approve of Mickey D?s food offerings, and that it?s a disgrace. Maybe if Ronald McDonald wore a pointy hat, and spoke with an accent it would smooth things over?

(NBC6) Two Florida Women Arrested For Robberies While Dressed As Batman-Wateka Thomason and Cassandra Raffa were found in a Walmart parking lot asleep in their Honda Civic. But that?s not the fun part. Police suspect that they?re the ?Dynamic Duo? that?ve been robbing places like a convenience store and a Steak ?n Shake dressed up like Batman.

(ABCActionNews) Dog mauls husband and wife after they tried to dress 'Scarface' in a sweater. Tampa Police said Brenda Guerrero, 52, tried to put a sweater on the dog when it attacked. Her husband, 46-year-old Ismael Guerrero, attempted to pull the dog off his wife when the dog began attacking him.

Dec. 22, 2016 7:14 am

(Trippy) Which Airline Has The Hottest Flight Attendants? This survey has nothing to do with the quality of their service, but they?re at least pleasant to gawk at while you?re a sardine at 30,000 feet.

(MaristPoll) The ?Most Annoying Word? Title Goes To?Once again, "Whatever" is ranked the most annoying word or phrase used in casual conversation

Autistic Girl?s ?Hallelujah? Rendition Wows The Internet

(OddityCentral) Woman Sells Positive Pregnancy Tests To Help With School Bills -A Jacksonville, Florida woman has decided to offset some of her college bills by getting into sales. But what she?s selling could be a big problem for someone else?and she really doesn?t give a damn.

(DailyMail) Company Surprised With Appearance By A Topless Model Goes All Inappropriate-A British company thought it would be a hoot to have an appearance by model, Katie Price, appear at their Christmas party. Price is one of those hot models that goes topless on Page 3 of their papers out there. Anyway ? go figure ? she can?t really handle her booze

Dec. 21, 2016 5:47 am

(UberGizmo) Echo Sold Out On Amazon-If you were wanting one as a last-minute gift, you?re officially S.O.L. They won?t be available even for ordering until after Christmas, and if you want the traditional black Echo unit, you won?t be able to get that until January 19th.

(SBNation) 2017 Pro Bowl Rosters Announced-Great news the Pro Bowl is going back to it?s much easier to follow format of AFC versus NFC?everything after that is pretty much a mess.

(Mashable) 3-D Hologram Porn Is Coming, Porno is always pioneering the new tech.  Next month, at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, CamSoda plans to show the world its ?live holographic streaming? of their Camgirls. 

(Deadspin) Chargers? Security Appears To Be Spanking It By Cheerleaders-It looks like the cops in San Diego have gotten wind of the viral sensation that is the security guard at the Chargers game last Sunday. The video was originally posted to Facebook, and appears to show a member of Elite Security playing pocket-pool while standing next to the San Diego Chargers cheerleading squad.

(Maxim) Nastiest Hockey Hits Of The Year. While it?s true that hockey is a sport of unbelievable endurance and athleticism, most people watch it for the hits. Those hits are always a highlight of the Sports Center shows. This time of year?s a glorious time when we can look back and celebrate the best of the best.

Dec. 20, 2016 6:54 am

(TheRegister) Experts Warn That Sex Robots Could Over Exert Humans-Them droids could wear you out

(WGAL) Pennsylvania Cop Doesn?t Realize It?s Illegal To Sell Meth-In 2014, Shane Fryer took over as constable in northeastern Pennsylvania. Someone should?ve warned him that just because you?re an elected official doesn?t mean that you have the gold key to the crapper, and can do whatever you want. You know-things like...selling meth?

( Research Says You Should Have A Female Doctor..


(OddityCentral) Now You Can Anonymously Send Someone World?s Hottest Pepper In Chocolate-Over the summer, you might recall a viral video of two girls,who made the mistake of eating the world?s hottest peppers. That experience inspired them to share the pain. is their website, and through it you can anonymously send chocolate-covered Carolina Reaper peppers

(PIX11) Police Looking For Man Who Peed And Then Took A Nappy At Sexy Salad.. And rather than robbing the place, he simply ate, took a leak in a trashcan, and then fell asleep on the floor. 

Dec. 19, 2016 7:09 am

(UberGizmo) AirPods Finally In Stores Today. The wait is finally over

(Yahoo!) Are Beards On the Way Out For 2017? New survey finds women would rather their an be clean-shaven next year

(WPTV) After Being Wrongfully Jailed for 31 Years, Man Released And Given $75

(WashingtonPost) Maryland Boy?s First Deer Hunt Was In His Living Room

( Hairstylist Uses Nutella To Dye Hair.  A stylist in Dubai uses Nutella and condensed milk to dye a customer's hair

(NYPost) Drunk crook passes out after stuffing his face with bananas.  A crook with the drunk munchies was caught on camera breaking into a Long Island salad shop, scarfing down nearly a dozen bananas and passing out on the floor, police said Sunday.

Dec. 16, 2016 5:30 am

( The names that get the most tail on Tinder-If you think that you?re not getting the swiping love you feel you deserve on Tinder, you might want to consider changing your name. The damn thing is shallow enough?what could it hurt?

( Posh cheese festival descends into chaos as woman "elbowed in the boob"


(mashable) Two Brothers Rowing the Atlantic for the nude-Two brothers are rowing across the Atlantic Ocean?in the nude. John and Kurt Schwartz began their 3,000-mile journey this week, explaining that rowing naked cuts down on blisters, sores, and other problems that clothing causes.
(The Chive) Drunken idiots have a battle for the ages.  OMG!  This is hilarious!

(WPTV) Robber ID?ed As Having A Drawn-On Beard-Police in Florida -of course-are on the lookout for a guy who robbed a gas station. He had a red bandana, glasses, and he drew a fake beard onto his face with a Sharpie.

Dec. 15, 2016 7:06 am

(TMZ) Scott Biao Was Allegedly Attacked By The Wife Of A Red Hot Chili Pepper Member-The suspected attacker is none other than the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

(CNN) ?Phubbing? Is The Newest Way To Ruin A Relationship-Mostly likely, life has shown you that there are a multitude of ways to screw up a relationship. Between money problems, cheating, work stress, kids, and lame sex, it?s no wonder that divorce rates are floating at about the 40-percent mark. 

(Unilad) Some Weird Ass Reasons Why People Had Sex-In a perfect world, everyone would be having sex with someone else because they were in love, or at least in lustwith them. Unfortunately, this isn?t a perfect world. That?s why there are those who have to make up excuses to have sex with someone.

(DailyMail) Extreme couponer is attacked by a furious customer after holding up the grocery checkout line for 20 minutes

(DailyDot) Former Wrestler Sends Out Xmas Tree Photo, But Doesn?t Shut Off The Porn-Scott Hall is better known as his professional wrestling alias,Razor Ramon. In addition to his skills in the squared-circle, he?s also quite the Christmas tree decorator. So much so, that he decided to photograph his holiday masterpiece, and post it for the world to see on social media. There was one problem, however.

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