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June 24, 2016 7:15 am

In the catch-up, on-demand world, spoilers have become a genuine currency of aggression. Photograph: HBO

(The Guardian)
App Sends Game Of Throne Spoilers To Your Enemies: Make people you hate suffer by ruining their favorite shows for them.

(ABC13) After Jaw Surgery, Woman Wakes Up With A New Accent: A woman from Texas woke up from jaw surgery with a British accent

(Bailiwick Express)British School Cancels Beach Trip Because It Would Be Too Sunny: The headmaster explains figuring out how to provide shade for 200-plus kids wasn't worth it

An Israeli elementary school apologized after about 90 sixth-grade students were given DVDs containing pornographic video. Photo by Yiorgos GR/

(UPI) Israeli school accidentally gave porn DVDs to sixth-graders

Warning: This squirrel is not a licensed dentist. Screenshot: Newsflare

(UPI) Montreal dad gets wild squirrel to pull daughter's loose tooth

June 22, 2016 7:19 am

(UPI) Doctors Prescribe Meds Based On Who Buys Them Free LunchYour doctor is getting free meals and you?re paying for it.

(UPI) Woman gives birth in bear-infested Russian woods

(METRO) Emilia Clarke Wants A Lesbian Romance On Game Of Thrones: Dodging ?Game of Thrones? spoilers is becoming so difficult it should be an Olympic event. And this week it's  been revealed that Emilia Clarke would be willing to get down with a lady on the show 

Massive Brawl at IHOP 

(UPI) Former NASA engineer creates 'world's largest' working Nerf gun..
 This is no joke, a NASA engineer has created the world's largest functioning Nerf Gun. Utter genius.

June 21, 2016 7:18 am

(BangorDaily) 40-Year-Old Twinkie Is Still Going Strong

(UPI) Man chases down fox to remove dog food can from its head

(UPI) Bounce House Flies Away From Party, Hits Power Lines

(UPI) Police Probe Car With Trunk Load of Bees

(Metro) Lady Trying To Sell Sofa Online Accidentally Posts Nudes:  
Ya know what sells couches? Toss up some pictures of cleavage they?ll go like hotcakes.  

June 17, 2016 7:18 am

(FOX2) Woman Gets Upset Over ?Best Butt? Award Given To Her At Work: Don?t give out awards at work? ever.

(Mirror) PornHub Has Porn For The Blind: Pornhub has created videos with audio descriptions of what's going on for the blind

(TMZ) Vikings Rookie Gets Pranked With 60 Thousand Fruit Packs: Happy birthday we destroyed the inside of your car!Minnesota Vikings? rookie wide receiver, Laquon Treadwell,got a little taste of locker room hazing when his teammates found out it was his birthday.

(BBC) The people that can't stop eating dirt

(express) Insane Video Of A Tow Truck Pulling A Tow Truck Pulling A Tow Truck Pulling A Car

June 16, 2016 7:15 am

(IrishExaminer) Dude Covers Himself Up In Butter To Avoid Getting Arrested: Police were called to a house in Ireland when a man started breaking every piece of furniture in his home. When the cops arrived, the man initiated operation Paula Dean's Dream. He stripped down and applied butter all over his body to make himself harder to arrest.

(CNBC) Coffee Causes Cancer- Only When It?s Super Hot: Remember when they came out and told us that red meat and bacon gave us cancer and we did nothing to change our diet? Well, here?s another story that's going to make you think twice about putting your favorite thing in your mouth. For a few days, at least.

There Are Now Star Wars Perfumes: Ever wanted to get a wiff of Princess Amidala? Well nerds, great news! Now you can. A European company is releasing a line of Star Wars perfumes.

(BroBible) Horrifying Pictures Of What It Looks Like To Get Poison Ivy On Your Eyes: Don?t get poison ivy ? and definitely don?t get it all over your eyes. Check out this girl who is feeling the wrath of the ivy and looks like an alien from ?Star Wars.?

(ABC) Guy Found Not Guilty Of Burglary Even Though His Feces Covered Underwear Were Found At Crime Scene: Sometimes you can get away with something even if all the stinky evidence is pointing right at you.

June 15, 2016 6:58 am

(foodbeast) Doughnut Shop Creates A Burrito Filled With Doughnuts: Stop trying to squeeze into that leopard print speedo and start working on your winter bod with the new Doughrito!

(9News) Scientist Resurrect 220 Year Old Beer: This week, Australian scientists used yeast from a beer found on board a ship which sank in 1797 and resurrected the world?s oldest beer.

(Bleacher Report) Kevin Love ?Home Alone? Spoof: Kevin Love only had two points in the first half of Game Five. So naturally everyone was wondering ?where?s Kevin?? This ?Home Alone? spoof answers all of your questions.

(Mirror) Dude Struck By Lightning Saved By Slippers: We all know what happens to you when you're struck by lightning, either you die, or you get super powers. Well now thanks to a 65-year-old man in the U.K. we now know there is a third option: survive the strike with cheap slippers.

(Mirror) Wife-swapping festival to attract 700 swingers to sleepy rural community

(recorder) Man Gets Into Fight With Son's Girlfriend Over The Shape Of The Earth: 
A man threw things into a fire over a fight with his son's girlfriend, who thought the world was flat

June 14, 2016 5:46 am

Dude Donates His Sperm In City Bathroom; Fathers 22 Kids

Priest Punches Best Man During A Wedding

(NYTimes) China?s call to young men: Your nation needs your sperm.  
On social media, young men are bombarded with endorsements from video-game characters and promises of cash (up to $1,000 in some cases) and, even better, a coveted rose-gold iPhone.

(UPI) Package Stealer Gets A ?Poopy? Surprise:  
A California package thief makes off with a box of dog poop.

The ?American Ninja Warrior? course is tough enough. Check out this video on DIGG of a guy pulling it off in an inflatable dinosaur costume.

June 10, 2016 7:10 am

(WTKR) Man Sees Donald Trump On His Bathroom Floor: Picture this: Walking into your newly redone bathroom, admiring the tiling job and seeing Donald Trump, arms crossed staring right back at you. You know, like Jesus or the Virgin Mary?but Trump.

(NJ) People Are Getting High Off Of Anti-Diarrhea Meds: In ?hey it?s been a few months, let?s make up something teenagers are getting high on? news. The FDA is saying that people are abusing anti-diarrhea drugs because it gives users a heroin-like high.

Mohammed Zaman was sentenced to six years in prison for the manslaughter of a customer who died of a nut allergy
Photo: PA

(ITV) Restaurant Advertises New Dessert While Apologizing For Killing Customer With Nut Allergy: Just a little piece of advice to all businesses out there: If you kill someone, don't try to sneak in a mention of a new exciting dessert in an apology letter.

(FOX) Beach Umbrella Kills Woman:  On her 55th Birthday...

(Metro) Dude Beheads A Woman?s Chickens After She Unfriends Him: Don?t be too mean to people on Facebook or you might lose your livestock.

June 9, 2016 7:25 am

( Georgia Police Bust Into The Wrong House And Shoot Owner:
Frantic 911 call put error filled wheels in motion-


(NorthwestGeorgiaNews) Woman Pulls Gun On Pro Wrestler During Show: Some people still think wrestling is real, and they?re packing heat!

(Mirror) Wife Sets Up Cheating Husband In Sex Trap Then Severs His Junk: Wife Sets Up Cheating Husband In Sex Trap Then Severs His Peen

(metro) Starman, is that you? Mysterious ?music? is heard from inside a star

(OrlandoSentinel) Man Crushed To Death By Mushrooms

June 8, 2016 7:17 am

Clinton Is Officially Unofficial

(NYPOST) Woman Quits Her Job So She Can Breastfeed Her Adult Boyfriend

School Hires Birds Of Prey To Protect Kids Lunches

Restaurant Accuses Yelp Reviewer Of Pooping Herself

Naked College Dude Howls Like An Animal When Being Tased In A Dumpster:
?Naked Afraid and In A Garbage Can? should be the title of a new Discovery Channel show. It?s not ?

June 7, 2016 7:16 am

(HCPROS)No Charges Against Mother In Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Case: Cincinnati prosecutor says "Zoo mom" is off the hook

'I lost my virginity twice': Transgender man who was born a girl says his sex life is amazing after having a penis made out of skin from his FOREARM

(NBC) Pregnant Woman Wins Right To Bring Her Placenta Home With Her: A Mississippi woman is due to give birth on June 24th, and after taking her hospital to court, will now get to return home with something other than a beautiful bouncing baby boy. She?ll also get to bring home her beautiful one-pound beautiful bouncing baby placenta as well.

(UPI) Rainforest activist walks on broken glass with four snakes in his mouth

(BroBible) Drunk Girl Face Plants While Trying To Do A Sexy Dance

June 6, 2016 6:45 am

(BayNews9) Man with prosthetic leg walks off with giant tire

(KATU) Couple Arrested For Trying To Sell A Baby For $500: How much can you get a good quality baby for on the black market? Apparently the price $500-$1,000.

(MexicoNewsDaily) Police In Mexico Stop A Suicide With Tacos: It?s official? tacos save lives.

(MetroUK) Little girl turns up to Princess Day dressed as a hot dog, inspires us all

(UPI) Giant inflatable poop placed in Spanish town as message to dog owners

June 3, 2016 7:01 am

(CNN) Australian Lawmaker Kills And Eats Elephant: While speaking in the Australian Parliament about animal rights, Robert Borsak, came under fire for a picture he took next to an elephant he shot and killed. Maybe not the right guy to be talking about animal rights.

(iNews) New Study Shows Fat Birds Have Better Sex: More cushion for the peckin?? Scientists concluded this week that birds at the ?breeding grounds with surplus fat stores are likely to experience enhanced reproductive performance.? Translation: Fat Birds have better sex

(UPI) Indian man seeks Guinness record with 62-foot-long hair: Savjibhai Rathwa's hair measures 62 feet long, more than twice the current Guinness World Record.

(UPI) 'Crazy bird lady' feeds hummingbirds from specially designed dress

Anchor Can?t Stop Laughing At Penis Cloud: News anchors are just like the rest of us ? in that they find peens funny.

June 2, 2016 7:47 am

Teacher In Trouble For Giving Quiz About Hookers, Drugs, And Gangs: The only way to teach kids math is to use drugs and prostitutes in your questions.

(ABC) Senator Wants Sniper To Protect Penguins From Dogs On Stanley Beach: Sorry Sarah McLachlan, ?dog sniper? is a legit job that now exists in Australia.

(EpochTimes) Do You Have A ?Dormant Butt?? If you're sitting too much every day, you might be suffering from DBS

A Kickstarter Campaign Wants You To Be Able To Lick Your Cat

(Mirror) See What It?s Like To Be Punched In The Face By A World Champion Boxer: Now you can have all the fun of getting punched by a boxer without dying where you stand!

June 1, 2016 6:55 am

(Washington Post) Trump University ?Playbook? Detailed: A judge let the ?Washington Post? make the defunct school?s methods be public-

(Daily Mail) Couple Has Murder Themed Engagement Photo Shoot:
Their save the dates are also gloomy

(The Sun) The rise of the stuffed animal fetish... as people admit they get TURNED ON by their toys

Huge Freaking Alligator Roaming Florida Golf Course: A dinosaur ? we mean alligator ? was spotted on a Florida golf course and the footage is insane.

(Fox5ny) Sausage-wielding gang attacks vegan cafe

June 1, 2016 6:54 am

(NBCNews) Severe Weather Pummels Country?s Midsection: As Texas continues to deal with flooding, storms ratchet up-

(LadBible) Dude Attempts A Threesome And Things Go Really Wrong: Sometimes hooking up with two chicks isn?t what it?s cracked up to be.

Parents Leave Son In Forest As Punishment, Now They Can?t Find Him

Kangaroo Kicks Woman And Ruptures Her Breast Implants

(BroBible) Girl with Huge Legs Busting Watermelons: A crazy video of a jacked chick using her huge quads to squeeze watermelons until they explode. It?s super frightening and sort of hot all at once.

May 25, 2016 7:12 am

(WRIC) Security Changes Coming At Airports: The TSA is trying to slash airport security line wait times.

(Metro) Man Turns Himself Into "Human Puppy"

(FOX61) Man Arrested For Facebook Poking Someone: Let this be a warning to anyone that still uses this dumb poke function that people aren?t afraid to get the law involved.

(WCVB) Beer-battered fish defense fails in Wisconsin:  

Man in prison after 10th drunken driving conviction

The Internet Reacts To A 15-Pound Newborn: Whoever this woman is isn't even close to the record. According to Guinness, Carmelina Fedele gave birth to 22-pound, 8-ounce baby in Italy back in September of 1955.

May 24, 2016 7:12 am

(NYTimes) More Vehicles Are Added To That Huge Airbag Recall: Here we go again. More vehicles are being recalled because of airbag failures. Head to to see if your car is on the list.

(KTKA)  Florida High School Girl Had Sex With Two Dozen Guys In Bathroom.  High School kids are taking things to a new level when it comes to hooking up


(Mirror) Exorcist reveals how to tell if someone is possessed by a demon - and not mentally ill

(MetroUK) Jilted boyfriend clings to woman's leg as he begs her not to dump him: A guy really misses his girlfriend and isn?t afraid who knows it.

It?s shockingly easy to fall in love with a sex doll

May 23, 2016 7:25 am

Trump Overtakes Clinton In Poll Averages;

(DailyMail) Naked Man Tries To Commit Suicide By Lion: Guy tries to kill himself with the help of lions and then the lions end up dying.

(NYDailyNews) Johnny Manziel Kicked Out Of Nightclub After Punching Guy: Johnny Manziel can?t seem to stop being generally terrible and hitting people.

Weatherman Screams Like Little Girl When He Sees Spider: 
Scared of spiders? Weatherman Bryan Hughes out of West Virginia is. Here?s a video of him doing the weather forecast and he letting out a super girly scream when a spider pops up on his monitor.

(Quartz) Rio Olympics Giving Out Enough Condoms For Athletes To Have Sex 84 Times:  
This year?s Rio Olympics are expecting a lot of athlete on athlete action.

May 20, 2016 6:48 am

(Bustle)  How To Have A More Affectionate Relationship: Here are ways to be more affectionate in your relationship.

(Telegraph) NHS says, Swallowing human feces will cure disease: Do you have Clostridium difficile? There?s a bizarre irony that poop can cure.

(SBNation) Marco Rubio Wants To Replace Confederate General Statue With Tim Tebow: There are still some Tebow fans out there and they're in high places.

(Guardian) Google Has Patent To Stick People To The Hoods Of Cars: Instead of making it so you don't get hit by a car Google wants you to stick to it.

(UPI) Louisiana lawmaker proposes -- and withdraws -- weight limit for strip club dancers

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